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Success Secret Gold Program

Success Secret Gold Program Agreement               


I have positive expectations for this program and a mentoring relationship that helps you to create the life YOU want to live.  To partner together in the most powerful way possible, I want you to be familiar with the following guidelines.

Program Components:

The Success Secret Gold Program is a one-year mentoring program to help you Unleash the Power of Search Engine Optimization combined with the power of LinkedIn.

The program includes weekly small group coaching calls designed to help you with every aspect of your business including prospecting, recruiting, product sales, personal branding, social media marketing and online marketing.

It also includes:

  • Three one-on-one calls with Gloria MacDonald (45 minutes each) to strategize your website, create an implementation plan for your website, and create an ongoing strategy to use LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to create backlinks to your website and continue to drive it up in the search engine rankings.
  • One one-on-one call with Krista Bakker (45 minutes) to map out your customized website.
  • Six months free of Groove/Ignite weekly support calls. (1 hour weekly)
  • You provide us with your domain name and the link(s) to your company product page(s).
  • We will do the keyword research for a 5-page website.
  • We will take care of writing all the copy for your website.
  • We will source images for your website.
  • We will build your website on your Groove platform. (Five pages.)

As your mentor, I, Gloria MacDonald, will offer a system for accessing your capacity to create a profitable business using the power of SEO and LinkedIn. I will provide expertise, guidance, templates, and a framework. You acknowledge that it will be necessary for you to take action and implement the ideas and steps we agree upon.

I will bring attentive listening, understanding, and belief in you when you may have a hard time believing in yourself. You can expect me to offer fresh perspectives, make requests, suggest action steps, acknowledge your wins, and guarantee utmost confidentiality (to the fullest extent of the law, and so long as I don’t fear for your or another’s safety) in our powerful, sacred mentoring relationship.

I cannot guarantee specific results, however, I’ve seen numerous clients create powerful results by having the courage and determination to apply the principles we discuss.  My experience has shown over and over again that this works if you work it.

The client agrees to the following:

  1. I agree to be on time for each session. The client and mentor commit to start and finish each session on time. 
  2. I agree to take an active role in the process by being absolutely honest with my mentor and myself. I understand that completing anything I’ve committed to will greatly enhance my learning, and will do my best to complete them all, in the time agreed.
  3. I understand that I am absolutely responsible for my own life, actions, and success and that I initiated this Life Alchemy Inc. mentoring process with this in mind.      Initials.
  4. I understand that I will most likely need to move out of my comfort zone to have any type of significant breakthrough and see significant results.
  5. I agree to take 100% responsibility for my complete understanding of and agreement with all the points above. I understand that by honoring these agreements and undertakings, I greatly increase the effectiveness of the process and the results I can expect.
  6. Due to the nature of this process and the commitment my mentor is putting in to help me move forward and build a website, I understand that there will be no refunds on this program.       Initials.
  7. I understand that all of my personal information, including anything discussed, is strictly confidential. My information will not be shared outside the normal business processing of intake forms, credit card information, etc., and no information will be shared with anyone who is not an employee or business associate of Life Alchemy Inc.

I have read this form and know that as a client, I am personally responsible for the actions I take.  As such, I do not hold Gloria MacDonald, Life Alchemy Inc., or employees of Life Alchemy Inc. liable for consequences of my actions, or lack thereof.  I understand that Gloria MacDonald is not an Employment Agent, Business Manager, Lawyer, or Financial Consultant.  I understand that Gloria MacDonald and representatives of Life Alchemy Inc. are not licensed psychotherapists and will not diagnose or treat mental or emotional disorders.     Initials required.

Date: May 27, 2022

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Signed by Gloria MacDonald
Signed On: January 31, 2022

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